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27 August 2011 @ 05:12 pm
First of all, I apologize for literally taking forever to get through the reviewer applications process and contacting everyone involved. :x I'm a terrible comm manager.

Please welcome our new reviewers: kimivalkyrie (Kimi), hageshii_ame (Ame), and fei_wu (Danielle)!

It's my hope that this music rotation will start becoming more active by having additional people here to review and post material. :'D You guys can start making posts now btw, lmao I took so long to get to this...
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10 August 2011 @ 05:44 pm
I profusely apologise for the inactivity. I've just been so busy lately. :( Anyway, I shall be posting some reviews over the next couple of days. Today we have the official first mini-album -- as in actual CDs -- from rookie Korean girl group Girl's Day! (Links to individual songs are to the official music videos)

Every Day ; Girls Day
Release Date: July 6th, 2011
Genre: Pop, Dance
Language: Korean
Purchase: YesAsia

1. 영러브 (Young Love)
2. 한번만 안아줘 (Hug Me Once)
3. 반짝반짝 (Twinkle, Twinkle)
4. 잘해줘 봐야 (Nothing Lasts Up) (Nothing Lasts Forever)
5. 한번만 안아줘 (Inst.)

reviewCollapse )

Overall Grade: B+
It's not amazing, but it's not terrible, either. It's definitely a keeper in my k-pop library, and I do hope you check it out. These girls have a lot of potential, and I'd hate to see it go to waste.
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15 July 2011 @ 10:01 pm
Due to the lack of applications, I'm extending the due date for reviewer apps. The new due date is July 23 which gives you over a week.

The information post is here. Make sure if you have any friends or something who would be interested in reviewing here, tell them!!
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I originally had this review posted on my blog (lol shameless plug), so there's going to be some slight variation on format and whatnot. Also, don't forget, we're currently looking for new reviewers!

Saori@destiny; Domestic domain
Release Date: June 15, 2011
Language: Japanese, some English
Genre(s): Electronic, dance, pop
Purchase: CDJapan, iTunes
Download: 320kbps @ MEDIAFIRE

01. BEATBOP [preview] ♥
02. Domestic domain [preview]
03. GAMBA JAPAN [preview] [live] ♥
04. COLLAGE [preview] ♥
05. OFF THE WALL [preview]
06. Pray [preview]
07. Klaxon [preview] ♥

Saori@destiny began her career in early 2007 as a street performer in Akihabara, covering songs from idol collectives such as Hello! Project. In 2008 she made her major debut on the D-topia Entertainment label with the single sakura, and later released her debut album JAPANESE CHAOS. After a few more singles and a mini-album, her sophomore album came out in 2010, entitled WORLD WILD 2010 and suggesting a more tribal-influenced electronic pop sound. Produced almost entirely by Oonishi Terukado, Domestic domain is her first release of the 2011 season and contains an interesting mix of the different styles presented on her two albums, with lyrics inspired by her personal feelings regarding the Tohoku earthquake that occurred on March 11th this year.

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