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[Info] New Reviewers!

First of all, I apologize for literally taking forever to get through the reviewer applications process and contacting everyone involved. :x I'm a terrible comm manager.

Please welcome our new reviewers: kimivalkyrie (Kimi), hageshii_ame (Ame), and fei_wu (Danielle)!

It's my hope that this music rotation will start becoming more active by having additional people here to review and post material. :'D You guys can start making posts now btw, lmao I took so long to get to this...
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[Review] [Mini-album] Saori@destiny; Domestic domain (2011)

I originally had this review posted on my blog (lol shameless plug), so there's going to be some slight variation on format and whatnot. Also, don't forget, we're currently looking for new reviewers!

Saori@destiny; Domestic domain
Release Date: June 15, 2011
Language: Japanese, some English
Genre(s): Electronic, dance, pop
Purchase: CDJapan, iTunes
Download: 320kbps @ MEDIAFIRE

01. BEATBOP [preview] ♥
02. Domestic domain [preview]
03. GAMBA JAPAN [preview] [live] ♥
04. COLLAGE [preview] ♥
05. OFF THE WALL [preview]
06. Pray [preview]
07. Klaxon [preview] ♥

Saori@destiny began her career in early 2007 as a street performer in Akihabara, covering songs from idol collectives such as Hello! Project. In 2008 she made her major debut on the D-topia Entertainment label with the single sakura, and later released her debut album JAPANESE CHAOS. After a few more singles and a mini-album, her sophomore album came out in 2010, entitled WORLD WILD 2010 and suggesting a more tribal-influenced electronic pop sound. Produced almost entirely by Oonishi Terukado, Domestic domain is her first release of the 2011 season and contains an interesting mix of the different styles presented on her two albums, with lyrics inspired by her personal feelings regarding the Tohoku earthquake that occurred on March 11th this year.

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Yelling aside, isn't it ironic that I had a poll and a whole post this month last summer about doing something about this community, and then I let it sit and forgot about it until now? Yeah, I'm a totally responsible maintainer. :| The point is: ONMEL NEEDS NEW REVIEWERS AND I AM OFFICIALLY OPENING UP FOR APPLICATIONS. We're short a reviewer (shapby stepped down; please continue to enjoy her contributions since they'll still be available in the tags!), so I'm thinking about adding up to THREE new people.

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Applications start today and end July 15th! Good luck!
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[Info] Inactivity + Poll!


...guys I'm real, real sorry about the inactivity going up in here since Victoria left. :( It's partially my fault -- I don't really diligently review anything or have much motivation to do so, and school is starting up for me again sooner than I think (August 5th? smfh). I meant to make this post like a month ago, but I continuously put it off and now I feel as if I'm doing this a bit too late.

Understandably, it's not just myself but my fellow reviewers (harukakamiya, shapby, and shima_sama) who have contributed to the lack of activity around here, but I think they've done more for the community than I have. So I'm fully prepared to shoulder most of the responsibility, rofl. I would say that it's "just a music rotation, it's not even legal" but ongoingmelody really feels like it has a community to it, you know? And I think all the work Victoria put into it shouldn't go to waste.


This poll is closed.

Have you enjoyed the content featured since supervictoria64 left?

Somewhat, but not as much

Would you like to see more full-length reviews? Or do you prefer short, concise reviews?

More full reviews!
Shorter reviews
No preference

Should we increase the number of staff members (i.e., reviewers/uploaders) as to facilitate more activity?

Yes! I can't get enough!
No, less is more

How many reviewers/uploaders should we have on our "review team"? (Presently, we have 4.)

Do you think there is a certain genre that isn't being adequately represented here at ongoingmelody? If so, please state the genre.

Also, if you have any other comments or suggestions, please let us know! I was going to include a question re: uploading servers, but idk I don't think there's been much of a problem with that, so...yeah. TYVM for still being here through all the dramz and such, really appreciate it ♥
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[Review] (Song) 2AM - 친구의 고백

I have no idea what drama everyone’s talking about, all I know is that I’m supposed to write reviews here. Even though I do feel kind of left out here, but who cares? The show must go on, people. May the new generation reign!

2AM - 친구의 고백 (from the single Time for Confession)
Release: March 19, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre: Ballad, Pop-rock
Purchase: Yesasia

Riding the sudden hype for 2AM, following their dramatic and aesthetically appealing teasers for their upcoming album, I decided to review their previous popular song, 친구의 고백/Chingu-eui Gobaek/Confession of a Friend.

Confession of a Friend is a ballad that starts with the solemn notes of the piano, before the music goes into full swing, decorated with sharp riffs of the electric guitar. The ending leaves listeners hanging a bit, especially since the electric guitar is, like, only half-way through the riff. The instrumentation, though, isn’t the main point of the song. The strength of the song lies in the vocals, since it is after all, from a vocal group. The vocals start off shaky and low, picks up a bit at the bridge, then maximizes at the chorus. Personally, I think for a group that’s considered as idols, 2AM delivers well-developed vocals. The problem is, when all four of the members sing at once, their strong voices tend to clash and considering their tender age, the emotion of the song (and the lyrics) doesn’t really show, aside from the strong vibratos.

Vocals put aside, I haven’t heard a song like this since the early ‘90s. I thought ballad pop-rock was extinct. Trust JYP to come up with something purely ancient and turn it into a hit.

Overall score: B -

I have high expectations for 2AM’s upcoming album, since the teasers are such a tease! And it seems that they’ve managed to tone down the excessive vibratos a bit…
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[Info] Affiliates

This is a list of the current places affiliated with ongoingmelody~ If you would like to be added as an affiliate, just comment on this post with a link to your website/LJ/whatever and we'll deff add you here.

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[Info] Happy New Year~

K, so here's the situation doggs. Victoria (supervictoria64) seems to have jumped ship -- she PMed a notice to all the members of the review team to let us know that she has lost interest in ongoingmelody and has summarily removed herself as a contributor and moderator. In case you forgot (lol idk how you could!), here's the members of the review "team" and their tags:

harukakamiya AKA Haruka
glider AKA Yoshimi
shima_sama AKA Kizzy
shapby AKA Shapby

I spoke to the other members of the review team, and we've pretty much agreed to mutually manage ongoingmelody. We also agreed that...


Of course, we aren't totally ditching the in-depth reviews idea. Just now we'll provide an upload to whatever material we're reviewing. This means, of course, that we'll probably end up having to lock posts (I still don't know after what timespan -- maybe three days? A week?), and also, since the reviews are meant to be in-depth and obviously quality work, we'll probably be the slowest music rotation in regards to being on the ball with new releases and all that jazz, but that's okay because at least you'll know what you're fixing to download!

So uh...yeah. Happy 2010! \o/ By the way, what the hell happened to the sparkly text generator? Damn thing has exceeded its bandwidth. I am sad that I can't make this a vampire post. Woo, thank you oceandezignz~
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[Review] [Album] Perfume; GAME (2008)

Haha, this is far from my best review. I took a bit more liberty with the personal opinions and interjections here and less of a focus on trying to word things fancily. I hope you all still enjoy it!

Perfume; GAME
Release Date: April 16, 2008
Language: Japanese, some English
Genre(s): Electronic, pop
Purchase: YesAsia

01. ポリリズム (Polyrhythm) [PV]
02. plastic smile
03. GAME
04. Baby cruising Love [PV]
05. チョコレイト・ディスコ (Chocolate Disco) [PV]
06. マカロニ (Macaroni) [PV]
07. セラミックガール (Ceramic Girl) [PV]
08. Take me Take me
09. シークレットシークレット (Secret Secret) [PV]
10. Butterfly [PV]
11. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow [PV]
12. Puppy love

GAME is Perfume's first album with original material on it, second if you count the best-of. As everyone should know, Perfume is A~chan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka and they've been around since 2001, only been produced by Nakata Yasutaka since 2003. (I reviewed their latest album, Triangle, before this one. Why am I going out of order?)

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[Review] (Album) Younha (윤하) - Growing Season (3rd album part B)

I just found out Younha had a comeback today. Ha. The girl needs a better promotion team. And, gasp, no Younha tags before? Omg.

Younha (윤하) - Growing Season (3rd album part B)
Release Date: December 11, 2009
Language: Korean
Genre(s): Pop, rock, jazz, blues, ballad
Purchase: Yesasia

01. Say Something [YT]
02. 오늘 헤어졌어요 [YT]
03. 좋아해 [YT]
04. 편한가봐 [YT]
05. 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 (Duet with 김범수) [YT]
06. LaLaLa [YT]
07. 스물두 번째 길 [YT]
08. 오늘 헤어졌어요 (Inst.)
09. 헤어진 후에야 알 수 있는 것 (Inst.)

You know how sometimes singers just promote the wrong song? I mean, sometimes, they have a bunch of great songs in their album, but they choose the most generic song to promote the album, which kind of sucks since that one song doesn't really represent the whole album.

That is what I'd say about Younha. For the past couple of albums, really, she had great material, but she just had to choose a song like 1, 2, 3 as a promotion song. Such a pity.

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