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10 August 2011 @ 05:44 pm
[Review, Upload] Girl's Day - Every Day  
I profusely apologise for the inactivity. I've just been so busy lately. :( Anyway, I shall be posting some reviews over the next couple of days. Today we have the official first mini-album -- as in actual CDs -- from rookie Korean girl group Girl's Day! (Links to individual songs are to the official music videos)

Every Day ; Girls Day
Release Date: July 6th, 2011
Genre: Pop, Dance
Language: Korean
Purchase: YesAsia

1. 영러브 (Young Love)
2. 한번만 안아줘 (Hug Me Once)
3. 반짝반짝 (Twinkle, Twinkle)
4. 잘해줘 봐야 (Nothing Lasts Up) (Nothing Lasts Forever)
5. 한번만 안아줘 (Inst.)

영러브 is the intro to this mini-album. It's vibrantly sweet, set to a simple beat with subtle cute sounds in the background, and really sets the mood for this release. You can hear the girls shine in this song, and although they aren't as talented as, say, Rainbow, Brown Eyed Girls, or even SNSD, they still have a special something going on.

한번만 안아줘 is the title track for the album, although if I remember promotions for this correctly, this was technically the second single. It's full of trancey autotune, but it's quite catchy and cute, a combination that makes it an infectious track that's worth another listen.

If Hug Me Once was cute, then 반짝반짝 is Girl's Day's sassy side. It starts off cutely, but it's packed with more punch than the previous song, and this was promoted before Hug Me Once was, so technically this was the first single for this album. It's also pretty catchy, but the girls' attitudes shine through the vocals, which make it stand out. It doesn't hurt that the MV for it is really silly.

잘해줘 봐야 (Nothing Lasts Up) is interesting. It's a combination of rap and electronica that somehow reminds me of T-ara's earlier days, to be honest, but it's still a great track. :)

The final track is the instrumental to Hug Me Once, and it stands well on its own. Let's dance~

Overall Grade: B+
It's not amazing, but it's not terrible, either. It's definitely a keeper in my k-pop library, and I do hope you check it out. These girls have a lot of potential, and I'd hate to see it go to waste.
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